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Please read before scheduling your appointment!

If possible, please bring in your instrument strung up for evaluation. Instruments are assessed under string tension and it may be necessary to install a burner set of strings if your instrument is brought in unstrung. If bringing in a broken headstock, loose bridge, or similar structural issue it is recommended you loosen the strings to prevent further damage. In general, your old strings cannot be re-used but electric bass strings may be re-used in certain situations.

I keep the following sets of Daddario strings in stock:

Electric XL Nickel: Super Light 9-42, Regular Light 10-46, and Medium 11-49

Acoustic Phosphor: Bronze Custom Light 11-52, Light 12-53, and Medium13-56

Please bring at least two sets of strings if you plan on providing your own strings. Although only one set is often installed, it is also common for strings to break while the instrument is being worked on. This way I'll have a replacement set of your preferred gauge ready to go.

If you are unable to make it to an appointment during the hours available through online booking please contact me and we can schedule something that works for you.

I keep the following sets of Daddario strings in stock:

Electric XL Nickel 9-42, 10-46, and 11-49

Acoustic Phosphor Bronze 11-52, 12-53, and 13-56

You are welcome to bring your own strings but please provide two 

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