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Since there is no such thing as a perfect, universal, “one size fits all” setup, West Guitarworks aims to work with each individual to find what works best for them. Every time your guitar comes in, a series of measurements corresponding to setup and playability are recorded. The same series of measurements are made after any work is done and kept on file. Having this data helps us hone in on the perfect setup for your guitar and individual playing style within thousandths of an inch.

Setups  s

Includes a full inspection of the instrument, installation of new strings, adjustments to the truss rod, saddle height, nut slot depth, and intonation (On electrics only. A new compensated saddle is usually necessary to correct intonation issues on acoustic guitars), cleaning and conditioning the fretboard, cleaning and polishing frets, checking and cleaning electronics, tightening and cleaning hardware, tremolo unit adjustment (when applicable), deburring and lubing at friction points, balancing pickup output on electric guitars, a quick cleaning and detailing of the finish, and one complimentary follow-up adjustment within 30 days of completion.


Frets are a crucial part of the interface of your instrument and their condition will have a huge impact on its playability. For players trying to get the most out of their guitar, impeccable fretwork is a must.  Precision fretwork is a specialty of the shop and I offer the following fret services:

  • Fret level, crown, and polish 

  • Full refret 

  • Reseating loose frets

  • Spot leveling high frets

  • Dressing sharp sprouted fret ends 


Additional Services

Custom bone nut and saddle fabrication

Custom electronics

Pickup swap/installation 

Aftermarket hardware installation

Broken headstock repair

Binding repair

Neck reset

Acoustic bridge repair

Structural repairs (glue cracks, punctures and braces)

Small finish touchups 

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